David Herz

David Herz

Because people don't want to do business with a company. They want to do business with you, or they will, when I help you get to them.

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Dental Done For You Content

If you are on this page, we've probably spoken in person, and you are getting ready to start with me. Following is what you need to get that done.

If you don't yet know much about my services, our Dental Done For You service is about keeping you looking fresh and up to date on your Facebook page. What we provide is a custom set of facebook posts (about 180 have already been designed) which we will put your logo on. We will post these to your facebook business page twice a day. Here's a sample:

Charleston Dental Facebook page

What this is Not

This is not a social media management service. All we do is get certain very high quality content out in front of your customers on a daily basis. Any further interaction with your customers will be up to you.


Following are instructions for you to give me the access I need to post on your behalf.