People Don't Want to do Business with a Company, They Want to do Business with You.

My job is to make Your visitors know You and Your story so well that they see themselves - and the key to their success - inside of Your business and want to be a part of it.

I engage Your website visitors, invite them to join Your e-mail list, and relate to them better than any other vendor ever has.

I've taken a lot of wrong turns, missed a lot of chances, been burned a number of times, and lost a lot of time along the way. In other words, I've already made the mistakes so You don't have to.

And I've learned a lot along the way:

And here's the neat thing. I love working with You so that You and Your business can:

Whether You are a one man shop, or the head of a multi-national corporation, people want to know You understand them and will provide them what they need.

I make sure they know that. I work with You to tell Your story so that people know who You are for them, how Your product or service will improve their work or lives, and will know that You are the best choice to provide what they need.

So Please Pick Your Flavor and we'll get started:

I Run a Business

I am here because I:

You suspect that Your website can do more to Drive Business. And You are right. Your website can and should be more than an online business card. It should be the basis for an on-line Presence designed to serve Your customer.

Together, You and I create that presence to drive Your business. It goes beyond the website. It includes Your blog, Your e-mail list and its management, video sales letters, follow up sequences, joint ventures and affiliate programs. Follow the link for our Business Owner's Checklist to see how Your website stacks up.

You can even reach out for a complimentary site review.

Owner's Checklist

I Build Websites

I want to:

A beautiful design won't ensure great business. For great business, You need Design that Converts. I help developers like You - committed to producing outrageous results for Your customers - add massive value for You and Your customers.

Follow the link to Your checklist. See if Your sites are up to snuff. And when You find there is something still to learn, join the Mastermind (a $200 a month value) free until 2017.

Designer's Checklist

I Run a Restaurant

I Want:

You know a solid e-mail campaign willBring Them In. You have e-mail. You have a birthday, an anniversary, other special events. You get offers all the time. You know that if You could just get Your customers on Your list, You could reach out to them and bring them in for Your and their special occasions.

I start with the basics. We collect Your customer's contact information, and then we reach out. And this works whether or not You've got a website. It's just taking Your customer service to the next level. And we also get that there is a whole world of social media – facebook, twitter, instagram, foursquare, yelp, etc. We'll build up to run that as well.

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